Code of Conduct

Please note that the below is not an exhaustive list but is an indication of how members and vendors are expected to behave within our community. There may well be periodic changes made to ensure we maintain the integrity of our community.

MSPGeek is a community for MSPs, TSPs and other Solutions Providers. Members who do not fall into this category will be subject to removal after review.


  1. Support the MSPGeek mission of open communication, collaboration, learning and sharing with other members and vendors.
  2. Be respectful and courteous to all members, staff and vendors.
  3. Share your knowledge and experience with others.
  4. You are fully responsible for your own content. You need to make sure you have relevant permission to post any information or material on our public-facing platforms.
  5. If you utilize someone else’s work and improve on it, you should share this back to the community as well as recognizing the author of the original work.
  6. Do not post private information about individuals without their explicit consent.
  7. We strongly suggest that users who wish to post files, scripts, solutions etc. do so in the MSPGeek forums and then link to it from within the Slack or Discord channels.
  8. Do not post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech. Admin's decisions on this are final.
  9. Members should not send other members direct messages for commercial reasons (IE: trying to sell or advertise something) unless specifically invited to.
  10. Raise concerns of inappropriate behavior to the Admins.
  11. We require all members of the community to register using verifiable work related e-mail addresses and to provide real names when requested. While members are free to keep their public anonymity, we reserve the right to remove any member who doesn't wish to identify themselves privately in compliance with this policy.
  12. If you promote a paid product or service, that you have a direct involvement with, you will be classified as a vendor and will be expected to adhere to the Vendor Code of Conduct; as follows:


  1. MSPGeek is primarily a community for open communication collaboration, learning and sharing and we expect vendors to have the same values.
  2. Where vendors have had a channel created for them, they agree to staff it and answer queries in a reasonable amount of time. Where vendors periodically abandon their channel, the channel will be removed.
  3. Vendors should not advertise their services or products in any of the general channels.
  4. Vendors should not solicit members via direct message unless specifically invited to
  5. Vendors should prefix/suffix their display names in Slack and Discord with their company/product name so as to identify themselves as a vendor.
  6. Vendors are encouraged to engage with members in the general channels. If members are actively discussing your product/service, then you can enter into conversation about it in that general channel.
  7. Vendors are free to advertise their own services in their own channel.
  8. Vendors are free to set their own description for their own channel.
  9. Vendors who want to advertise something to the wider community because they feel the community would value from it, should approach the Admin team who will take a decision on it.
  10. Vendors should not utilize member information outside of the community for the purpose of advertising or communication unless commercially engaged by a member.